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 My name is Daniel Waters, and I've spent my entire adult life on Martha's Vineyard, immersed in words and images. This kind and nurturing island has afforded me a multi-threaded existence as a writer, an artist, a printer, and occasionally even an amateur musician.

 Martha's Vineyard is a small, tight-knit community that's strangely old-fashioned in at least one important respect: it recognizes and appreciates original home-grown expression. We wouldn't have such a healthy population of eccentrics and independent thinkers if we didn't understand the personal journey and forgive the occasional mistake. In a country that prizes superstardom, our island perversely favors local personages. Our resistance to homogenized mainland entertainment may stem from being surrounded by ocean, our lives bound by something intangible yet coherent. Whatever the reason, I feel immensely lucky to live here.
 I began life as a struggling writer. When editors of literary magazines rejected my work, I bought a printing press and learned to use it. I taught myself linoleum-block printmaking in order to illustrate my words. Over the years one passion reinforced another, eventually coming together as the Indian Hill Press, the happy laboratory in the West Tisbury woods where I continue to conduct my daily experiments.

 My specialty is formal poetry and linoleum-block prints. I do freelance illustration and publish my poems in magazines wherever I can, but mostly I sell my books and prints at the Vineyard Artisans' Shows at the West Tisbury Grange during the summertime. If you're visiting this site, you've probably already met me there, so I apologize if you've already heard much of what I say here.

 I don't, however, apologize for being out of step with the modern world. I write poems that have meter and rhyme. I make prints in a laborious medium that requires a lot of hand-work and antiquated machines. I love the self-taught poets and printmakers of centuries past who hawked their works on streetcorners, not so terribly different from selling at the Artisans' Shows. Direct person-to-person communication may be temporarily out of vogue, but it has not lost any of its power.

 Thanks again for looking me up. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to place an order.
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 Photo of Dan
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