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Day of the Whale
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 Humans confronting the sea is an ages-old story. It's a lucky thing humans almost always lose the battle, or we'd become even more insufferable than we already are. In this print, a sequel to "Whale Hunt" (2008 - sold out), our whale eludes his hunters and lives to fight another day. Motion was central to telling this story, and I chose to work in pure black-and-white because it puts the focus on rhythm: repeated strokes that also convey speed and direction. Centuries of printmakers have done this, of course, deliberately limiting their palette in order to emphasize what remains. I find it a welcome challenge. To see how "Whale Hunt" was made, visit The Birth of a Print.
Black-and-white linoleum-block print on Japanese handmade mulberry paper

Image Size: About 18x12 inches

Edition Size: 150 numbered, signed

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