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Book Photo   D.A.W. (a/k/a Daniel Waters) sometimes writes about things that only a true Vineyarder would have any notion about. For this reason, we've saved those verses and given them a book all their own. As Mr. Waters says in his introduction, "Who, outside of a handful of souls, would understand how life-shaping it is to be separated from 'civilization' by seven miles of untamed Atlantic Ocean?" Small as that following of Island-lovers may be, they are certain to be fans of this book devoted to the peculiar vicissitudes of life on Martha's Vineyard.

 Originally written for the Vineyard Gazette, Martha's Vineyard Magazine, and NPR, these short (mostly four-line) verses capture small but essential details of Island life: ferries, ticks, the strangeness of a summer resort in winter, and the mixed blessings of living in voluntary isolation from the mainland. Martha's Vineyard becomes a vastly different place every few months, depending on the season, and humor is the key ingredient to survival. The humor in these pages is of a distinctly home-grown variety.

 As with other books of D.A.W. verse, each spread in this book features a black-and-white linoleum-block illustration chosen from hundreds of hand-carved blockprints Mr. Waters has made over the years for his cards and magazine illustrations.
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A peek inside.
 Vineyard Verses was offset-printed on acid-free Mohawk Superfine paper. Typographical design and illustrations are by the author; printing was done by the Tisbury Printer in Vineyard Haven. Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches vertical. Thirty-seven pages of text. Indian Hill Press, 2011.
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