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Life Lesson
Book Photo   Every year since 2008, we've added a new volume to the series of "the complete verses of D.A.W." How much longer can we keep it up? The larger question is: Will the world ever run out of quotidian quirks, quibbles and conundrums worth capturing in quatrains? Humble everyday objects have enormous metaphorical implications, as D.A.W. points out in his introduction to Prowling the Tupperware: "Who, or what, do you trust with the safekeeping of something that might spoil?" And so, within Volume 4 of his collected verses, D.A.W. stores and preserves vital evidence that humans were here, and thought about their common experience.

 Originally written for the Vineyard Gazette, Yankee Magazine, NPR, and numerous other publications, these short, mostly four-line verses treat such earthly (if not earth-shaking) issues as late frosts, ill-advised tattoos, and whether or not to remove the peel from wedges of brie. Real-life experience abounds, hard-won lessons learning, above all, not to take themselves too seriously.

 As with Volumes 1, 2 and 3, each spread in this book features a black-and-white linoleum-block illustration chosen from hundreds of hand-carved blockprints Mr. Waters has made over the years for his cards and magazine illustrations.
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 Prowling the Tupperware was offset-printed on acid-free Mohawk Superfine paper. Typographical design and illustrations are by the author; printing was done by the Tisbury Printer in Vineyard Haven. Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches vertical. Thirty-five pages of text. Indian Hill Press, 2011.
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