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Needing Winter
Book Photo   The winner of the first Westmeadow Press Chapbook Contest in 2005, this collection of formal poetry (including numerous sonnets) is organized around the life of Martha's Vineyard in the off-season.

 Taking as its departure point the moment when "Autumn rolls down Main Street, and rolls up every awning," Needing Winter plunges through fall into the dead of an Island winter. Explained along the way, by way of atoning for a summer devoted to indulgence, is the need for

 hardship kin to winter's sly
 Subtraction: milkweed grey and dry;
 Entire haying fields erased,
 Then loved in absence, then replaced
 When some new lack attracts the eye.

 Needing Winter was Daniel Waters's first published collection of non-humorous poetry, attracting the attention of off-Island critics for the first time. However, these poems were written for and about the people who live and work on Martha's Vineyard when its beauty, at its most powerful, is also its least obvious.
 "Mr. Waters stands in the front line with all the artists and writers, the brooders, the dreamers, the simplicity-seekers and the idealists who close the gates to our retreat as the last of the summer throngs depart. The reason we sport bumper stickers that say "Pray for September" has less to do with the overcrowding and more with the anxiety brought on by the pity we read -- mistakenly or otherwise -- in the eyes of the well-heeled folk heading back to their glossy homes and flashy cars and the careers that pay for them." - Holly Nadler, Vineyard Gazette
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 Needing Winter was published by Westmeadow Press, as 2005 winner of the Westmeadow Press Chapbook Competition. Printing was done by the Tisbury Printer in Vineyard Haven. Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches vertical. Thirty-three pages of text. Indian Hill Press, 2005.
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