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Book Photo   There's no end to the everyday wonders of the world, and no reason to stop wondering about them. Let There Be Light, the fifth volume in the collected works of D.A.W., continues the cycle through life's small but ageless triumphs and puzzlements, and New England's reliably unreliable seasons. 101 short humorous verses illustrated with 19 original blockprint images remark on such unremarkable subjects as raccoons, lost shopping lists, and the warm glow of sunlight through a cat's ears. They were written in the heat of the moment, or in reflection soon afterward, forever bearing witness to D.A.W.'s formative years in the newsroom.

 These short, mostly four-line verses have been selected from thousands originally written for the Vineyard Gazette, Yankee Magazine, NPR, and numerous other outlets where poetry is not normally expected. The process of choosing left many rhymes on the cutting-room floor, either because they were too similar to others or because they were about topics that are no longer topical. The result of careful weeding is this concise but focused collection of verses that reward pondering; a slim volume whose poems can be read one at a time, in random order, or ingested in one sitting as a sort of journey.

 Unlike Volumes 1 through 4, Let There Be Light has no foreword. Instead, the author decided to add four more pages of verses and illustrations, making Volume 5 unusually full of poems and pictures.
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 Let There Be Light was offset-printed on acid-free Mohawk Superfine paper. Typographical design and illustrations are by the author; printing was done by the Tisbury Printer in Vineyard Haven. Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches vertical. Thirty-nine pages of text. Indian Hill Press, 2013.
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