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Chickadee Love Songs of Martha's Vineyard
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 Chickadees are widely known and loved throughout the continental United States. One of their trademarks is the uniformity of their signature tunes. It's as if they all learned the same songs from the same teacher. There is their well-known chickadee-dee-dee, but also the high-pitched, double-noted courtship song of the male chickadee, which ornithologists anthropomorphize as "Hey, Sweetie!"

Recently (I am not making this up) a visiting bird expert discovered that the chickadees of Martha's Vineyard are developing variants of the traditional mating song. Not only are the Island chickadees' songs different from those on the mainland, but there are at least three distinct songs among the Island's towns.

This blockprint was originally commissioned to illustrate an article in Martha's Vineyard Magazine. The print was made using four hand-cut blocks: black, yellow, blue and pink. Yellow overprinting blue results in green.

If you would like to learn more about the real-life romantic songs of Martha's Vineyard chickadees, check out the National Audubon Society's website:

Four-color linoleum-block print on Japanese handmade mulberry paper

Image Size: About 12x12 inches

Edition Size: 100 numbered, signed

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